The Southpaw
south·paw (southpô) n. Slang A left-handed person, especially a left-handed baseball pitcher.

Monday, June 28, 2004  

The Southpaw = Bad Luck Charm?

Baseball is all about superstitions.

It seems to me as though the Giants good fortune has paralleled the lack of content on The Southpaw. No posts; long winning streak. Posts about the streak; streak ends. No posts; Giants are in first.

I've been wanting to post about this coincidence for a while, but the Giants just kept winning . . . so I stayed away. The loss to the A's the other night gave me an opening to say that as long as the G-men are within 2 games of first in the NL West, don't expect to hear from me.

If they fall off the wagon and into the celler . . . I'll be around to gripe about it. So here's hoping the Giants win the Series, because that's something we can ALL enjoy.

Go Giants!

9:31 AM
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