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south·paw (southpô) n. Slang A left-handed person, especially a left-handed baseball pitcher.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004  

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Suck, Suck, Great!


  • Okay, so the Giants get Omar Vizquel . . . for 3 YEARS and $12.25 MILLION? That would have been a good signing 2 YEARS AGO.
  • Barry Bonds gets his record 4th straight (7th total) MVP award, with the byline at ESPN as "Beltre finishes second in NL voting". And people wonder why Barry hates the media.
  • I know I'm a spoiled fan when the best player on my team won his 4th straight MVP award, and all I can think about are the pretenders: Terry Pendleton and Jeff Kent. Honestly, I wouldn't have been surprised to see Barry finish 4th this year (thanks to Balco and the general dislike of Barry Lamar). Outraged, but not surprised.
  • In other news, Barry's successor beat him out for the MVP . . . oh wait, that was the AL MVP, because the Giants didn't sign him. At least they could be teammates if Barry finishes his career in Anaheim (as a DH) like he's said he might.
  • If Clemens re-retires and Randy Johnson gets traded to the AL, would the NL Cy Young race be pretty much "healthwatch 05" between Jason Schmidt and Mark Prior? Who would be the dark horse in this race that could take it if BOTH of them get hurt again? The race for third could be the race for first next year.
  • Why does Brian Sabean insist on crippling the future of the Giants' organization by giving away first round draft picks? Can't you just pick a guy and lowball him on the signing bonus money, or sign him to an incentive-laden minor league deal? There HAS to be options other then just dumping the picks.
  • Speaking of dumping picks, when will MLB allow picks to be traded? If they're such an awkward commodity that some teams stockpile as many picks as possible (like the A's) and others dump them off (like the Giants), then why not put a value to this commodity so that EVERYONE can benefit? Why not give the Twins the option to make a blockbuster trade with Mark Prior on the board with their first overall pick because they "can't afford to sign him"? If the idea of the amature draft is for the bad teams to get better, and the best players can demand more money then the bad teams can afford, then why wouldn't you fix your broken draft to benefit the bad teams again? I'll never understand this.
  • Why can't I find the time to post more then once or twice a month, and does anyone even visit this page other then myself (once or twice per month)?
  • Why is it that only Giants fans know that the G-men have gone all 50 years in San Francisco without winning a title? Add to that the greatest player of our generation and still nobody cares? Isn't that newsworthy?
  • 2005 prediction: The goat is the new Bambino.
  • 2007 prediction: Omar Vizquel will be a starting SS (just not sure WHERE).
  • 2004 prediction: I will post more then a half-dozen more times this year.

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