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south·paw (southpô) n. Slang A left-handed person, especially a left-handed baseball pitcher.

Thursday, December 16, 2004  

Shows what I know

The A's traded Tim Hudson to the Braves . . . and Marcus Giles is still a Brave. I wouldn't have guessed that traded if you gave me 100 tries. Then again, I don't know smack about 99% of minor leaguers, so I usually defer to those who are more informed.

In other news, Adrian Beltre is now on the Mariners, where he will now likely regress into the sub-par 3B that almost got dumped by L.A. 2 years ago. The catch is that he would have become the next Albert Pujols if he stayed on the dodgers . . . just because my luck runs like that. Oh, and Richie Sexon's in Seattle now as well, meaning that with two major signing's Delgado will be looking for a team elsewhere, unless I missed a report.

3:08 PM

Friday, December 10, 2004  

2 Items

1) My e-mail address just got re-activated (not checking in 30 days closes a Hotmail account, oops!), so if anyone has sent me anything in the last month or so, it got deleted. Please re-send and I'll reply as soon as I can.

2) Skip Bayless has some things to say about Barry here, that strikes hard at anyone fitting this description (emphasis mine):

The feds knew most people wouldn't let the facts get in their way. Most people want to believe Bonds' body is chiseled in steroids. But nobody seems to have any of that case-building fuel called proof.

10:42 AM

Thursday, December 09, 2004  

NL West Heating Up

Suddenly, Sabean's two-headed "Omarndo" (that's Omar and Armando . . . get it? I'll be here all week.) isn't looking quite as good.

Glaus to Arizona . . . Kent to Los Angeles.
I hope Beltre leaves the NL West now.

4:45 PM

Wednesday, December 08, 2004  

Steroids & Baseball

There's SO Much to say about this . . . and I don't even know where to begin. If you're reading this and don't regularly check OBM then please do so now. Seriously, even if you don't come back here, go there now.

Ray Ratto also has a fantastic piece over at ESPN that's worth reading (if you didn't already ride the wave of links from OBM).

David Pinto checks in every so often with updates, and he's got some interesting (and sometimes VERY biased - it's always good to know where they stand) commenters as well.

I'm sure The Hardball Times has plenty as well, although admittedly I haven't been there in a while . . . I'll get to it eventually.

So much to say, so little cohesion in my thoughts. I'll get everything sorted out, and hopefully check in with something good to add to this discussion.

OH, don't forget about this Peter Gammons link, as well as The New Giant Thrill and El Lefty Malo for some more great coverage.

1:35 PM
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